Stream's Background

Operating as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) since 2000, Stream has a wealth of experience in the IoT industry. Organisations subscribing to Stream’s connectivity services gain access to Stream’s robust IoT network and receive high-quality, wireless, global, cellular connectivity, as well as unrivalled levels of technical support.

LoRa Devices
LoRa Devices

Global Coverage

Stream have developed partnerships with multiple operators and, unlike other providers, can provide complete global coverage for cellular and satellite connectivity via a single platform. Together with partner networks, Stream can enable low-cost IoT networking across the globe.

Stream's connectivity services are ideal for customers who are transmitting business critical data from remote locations and require the highest level of service.

Stream’s partnerships with the highest quality of cellular and satellite connectivity providers removes the headache of integrating and interacting with multiple vendors and their various connectivity management platforms. This enables customers to get up and running with Stream’s connectivity offering as quickly as possible.

Network Resilience

Stream's infrastructure has a proven track record of resilience and reliability. Stream deliver a high level of connectivity assurance by deploying an N+1 backbone architecture and geographically redundant network.

Quality coverage and rapid connection speeds are assured by Stream’s private backhaul IP network, which provide fast and secure connectivity between the customer’s infrastructure and Stream’s partner networks.

LoRa Devices
LoRa Devices

Managing Connectivity with IoT-X

Customers subscribing to Stream’s connectivity services can manage connected devices using the award-winning IoT-X platform.  

IoT-X is the world’s most advanced connectivity management platform. IoT-X monitors, manages and monetises devices and provides customers with subscriber management, billing, data routing and reporting capabilities from one centralised location.

Agnostic with regards to network technology, IoT-X bridges the communication gap between multiple IoT wireless protocols.

4G/LTE Coverage

With a choice of global GSM services for IoT, the UK’s leading 4G/LTE service

Faster Speeds

Network optimisation technology enables up to 40% faster speed


Lowest total cost of ownership

Quality of Service

Network architecture & monitoring delivers the highest quality of service


Network choice for best fit & reliability

IP Services

Private & secure managed IP services


Expert & experienced technical support

IoT-X Platform

Award-winning management platform for cellular, satellite and LoRa® connectivity

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